CONET Project Q&A

1 min readSep 27, 2023


Question: How do CONET prove privacy layer network easier to use than Nym?

Answer: CONET does not make it easier to use than Nym.

As Nym’s picture describes, APP must be implemented through a local Nym(CONET is same) client. Also another client must in the server side.

Q: How do CONET prove that users care enough about having complete privacy vs. continuing to use existing competitors?

Answer: Compared with all privacy enhancement tools, CONET’s advantage is the code is law. Users no longer need to believe the service provider’s promises of privacy.

NYM faces the same problem as all decentralized clouds. That is uses PoW to calculate and reward service providers. This increases the overall cloud computing cost and makes it unable to compete with the cheap and high-quality centralized cloud.

The CONET is a fair trading market for both bandwidth service provider node (miner) and end users. The quality of service is decided by users and service providers themselves, and CONET is no longer involved.

Question: How do CONET prove that this is better than Nym? Is the IP address angle the best way?

Answer: Please refer to the following articles.

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