CoNET’s Innovative Mining Approach:

3 min readApr 30, 2024


Understanding CNTP Tokens

Overview of CoNET’s Unique Mining System

CoNET’s mining process is distinguished by its integration of blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, security, and direct user control over earned assets. Unlike traditional mining or point systems, CoNET introduces CNTP (CoNET Points) as a cornerstone of its mining operations, which encompasses both free and Guardian mining methods. CNTP tokens are not mere digital scores; they are robust assets managed via smart contracts on the blockchain.

CNTP Tokens: Beyond Ordinary Points

CNTP tokens redefine the concept of rewards in network participation:

  • Blockchain Integration: CNTP tokens are embedded within a smart contract, making them fully traceable and secure on the blockchain network. This integration ensures that every token mined or earned through the network is recorded immutably.
  • Direct Wallet Management: Unlike conventional point systems where values are merely reflected in a user account, CNTP tokens are deposited directly into the user’s blockchain wallet, such as MetaMask. This means users can manage and view their tokens just as they would any other cryptocurrency, providing a greater sense of ownership and control.
  • Security and Transparency: The deployment of CNTP tokens on the blockchain eliminates risks associated with traditional digital points systems. There is no central authority with access to these tokens once they are claimed by users. This ensures that tokens are safe from unauthorized access and manipulation.

Mining Methods: Free Mining and Guardian’s Mining

CoNET offers two primary ways to engage in mining:

  • Free Mining: Available to all users, free mining allows participants to earn CNTP tokens without any initial investment. This method is designed to be accessible and to provide everyone with the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the network.
  • Guardian Mining: As part of the Guardian Plan, this elevated mining option involves operating a Guardian Super Node, offering higher yields and additional benefits in network governance and revenue sharing.

The Value of CNTP Tokens

While currently utilized within the CoNET ecosystem as points, CNTP tokens are set for a broader utility:

  • Conversion to CoNET Tokens: Post-token release, CNTP will be convertible into CoNET’s main cryptocurrency. The conversion ratio and further details will be outlined closer to the token release, ensuring users are well-informed of their assets’ value.
  • Smart Contract Functionality: The use of smart contracts to manage CNTP tokens not only enhances security but also allows for transparent tracking of token distribution and ownership. This is crucial for maintaining integrity and trust within the CoNET ecosystem.

Why CoNET’s Mining is Different

CoNET’s approach to mining is fundamentally different due to its emphasis on decentralization, security, and user empowerment. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, CoNET ensures that every participant is fairly rewarded and retains complete control over their digital assets. This system contrasts sharply with traditional models, setting a new standard for transparency and security in network mining.


CoNET’s mining system, powered by CNTP tokens, represents a significant innovation in how digital rewards are handled within a network. By ensuring that these tokens are secure, transparent, and directly manageable by users, CoNET not only fosters a more inclusive and participatory network but also positions itself distinctly within the blockchain community. This approach promises to attract a broad user base, eager to participate in a mining process that respects their contribution and grants them full ownership of their rewards.




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